Easy & delicious homemade hummus recipe in 5 minutes


Hummus is part of my household essentials. I can eat it with or on literally anything. Don’t believe me? Here are all the different ways I ear hummus. Ready?

Toast with hummus, over easy eggs, & paprika

Pita chips & hummus

Veggies & hummus

Baked chicken with hummus & olive oil

Hummus with hard boiled eggs, olive oil, & paprika

Pretzels & hummus

Rice & hummus

Avocado & hummus

Often times it ends up on my plate as a side and will accompany whatever chicken and salad I’m eating. It’s just so yummy! I definitely still buy hummus at the store since in the morning I’m not especially into whipping up a fresh batch, but for dinner parties I love making fresh hummus. It’s super easy and the creamy consistency is so different than store-bought. I promise you’ll want to work this into your regular rotation at home.