Panko Crusted Chicken Bowls


You may already be familiar with this recipe from when I posted it years ago here. However, lately I’ve been eating it more as a lunch bowl than a dinner dish. I’m telling you guys, ever since I bought these deep black bowls from Target I’ve been making all meals in them. Not to mention, this bowl recipe is basically a knockoff of Zinc, the cute restaurant on Melrose. I model most of my meals after meals I’ve had out so I’m not entirely surprised by this realization.

If you’re into the bowl idea, I recommend you meal prep this. Bake the chicken, make some brown rice or quinoa, then store in the fridge. Come lunchtime all you have to do is heat up your chicken and rice / quinoa, and place a handful of arugula, some cheese, & your sauce. Done. Super easy and delish.