You probably know by now that I’m a big snacker. I usually find myself eating small snacks throughout the day so I’m always looking for new recipes and things to try that are healthy. I definitely indulge in the occasional Poptart or watermelon licorice, but overall I like to keep my snacking relatively nutritious.

With summer coming up I’m kicking up the [skinny] snacking and focusing on small bites that not only satisfy my appetite but also provide nutrition.

This snack is definitely the Israeli in me. I love me a good Mediterranean dish–I can survive off hummus, tahini, olives, pickles, pita, grape leaves, etc. Actually, every now and then Paul and I will make a massive spread of appetizer-y Mediterranean dishes and go to town. It’s super filling and EXTRA yummy.

Labane is a probiotic, so it is heavy in beneficial bacteria. It has all the same benefits of yogurt minus all the sugar. Being a probiotic, labane supports proper immune system functions, as well as boosting the vitamin content of other foods. I love to douse my labane with good olive oil and za’atar. I know. WTF is za’atar?! Za’atar is a middle eastern herb made up from a bunch of other herbs–sesame seed, thyme, oregano, sumac, salt, and a few others that I’m not 100% familiar with. However, I know that it is all natural and delicious.

Typically I’ll eat my labane with some pita bread but it is just as delicious with pita chips, which are less carby. You know, for summer and all…

Labane + Za