Skinny Snack: Strawberry Chia Smoothie - Sivan

I haven’t owned a blender for a few years now, but was lucky enough to inherit one of those Magic Bullet thingys when Paul and I moved in together. I had all the crazy parts, attachments, cups, etc. and yet the only thing I knew about it was that it took up an ENTIRE shelf in one of my cupboards and it bugged me. One day, as I was debating if I should throw away some browning bananas and kinda mushy strawberries I thought “it would be amazing to own a blender right now and make a smoothie out of these…” when BAM! I was suddenly assembling the Bullet to make my first smoothie in years. I had just bought chia seeds at TJ and wasn’t really sure how to use them yet so figured it was time for many firsts! Needless to say, my smoothie was amazing and I concoct one daily. I will share all my recipes but here is the first…enjoy!

Strawberry Chia Smoothie


  • 1 banana
  • 3 strawberries
  • 4 tablespoons milk
  • small hand of crushed ice
  • 1 spoon of peanut butter
  • a sprinkling of chia seeds
  1. Start with ice, then add the fruit, peanut butter, and pour milk over everything.
  2. Blend well (in the Bullet let it mix for 10-15 REAL seconds).
  3. Sprinkle chia seeds over.