Starbucks Iced Chai

I’ve kinda been holding out on you. About a year ago my mother introduced me to Tazo’s chai and the very next week I got rid of my coffee machine and never looked back. I’m utterly obsessed with this drink for multiple reason. One, I’m definitely addicted (so is my husband). Two, it literally is the same drink I order at Starbucks (tall iced chai with soy). Three, it has just as much caffeine as coffee (if not more than some drinks). And four, it’s a fraction of the price. Sorry Starbucks, I won’t be coming back anytime soon. And actually, one day I was out of my chai (insert screaming crying emoji here) and had no option but to get it at Starbucks and it sucked! It’s all milky and light and just not as good.

The simplicity of this drink is too good to ever go back to a bulky, space-taking, coffee maker. Unless someone invents an iced vanilla latte maker I can’t be bothered. It’s kind of funny, too, because most people don’t even know that I don’t drink coffee. I’ve been a chai girl for years and so to be able to revert back to my fave is something I look forward to each morning.

I stock up on the chai at Target–I literally FILL the cart with it. It’s not normal. But if you like to order online (Amazon pantry style), you can find it here.

So here’s what you do: fill a glass with ice, pour the chai over the ice, add a splash of milk, and mix. I always drink this with a straw in an attempt to save my teeth from yellowing (I have good news about that soon), and it is so delicious.