Superbowl Part III - Sivan


You asked, I answered. The food served at the Superbowl does need to be somewhat mindless for the eater, but resorting to finger foods only is not my style. If you haven’t already caught on, I can become asphyxiated without my weekly dose of Macaroni & Cheese so I’m not against crap. I just like to use any entertaining opportunities to show off my creative abilities in the kitchen. With that said, here are simple recipes that hold true to Superbowl-esque foods with a twist.

Greek Guacamole: A crowd please for sure, but I’m positive you’ve served this every Sunday leading up to the Superbowl so switch it up a bit with a few tart ingredients.

Peach Ricotta Flatbread: This is a healthier take on pizza that tastes so good no one will complain that there is no pepperoni or extra thick crust.

Balsamic Roasted Chicken: Yum. Just yum. Between the roasted peppers and the balsamic reduction, this is heaven in my mouth.

Country Mac & Cheese: As I was saying, Mac & Cheese is a total food group in my world (more on that later). This is simple and so delicious, trust me.

Caramel Cream Puffs: A meal is not complete without dessert. Let’s give everyone a sweet ending to the game with these bite sized treats.

As for drinks, anything in a Mason jar will be drank and drooled over. Throw in the paper stripe straws with team colors to match and you’re even more golden. Pick one signature cocktail that can be scooped out of a punch bowl so you’re not constantly refreshing guests’ drinks like this Grapefruit & Rum Mojito or Blood Orange Sangria. For more drink recipes and ideas visit my Drinks section.