Benefits of Bone Broth

So, I’ve kind of been holding out on you guys.

Let’s rewind for just a sec. I have a very sensitive stomach–I get motion sickness, I get sick to my stomach easily, and my hangovers are gnarly. I often find myself needing something very alkaline and neutral to soothe my stomach, and a can of plain chicken broth used to be my solution. I’m not big on canned anything, but when you’re not feeling great it’s kind of the easiest / fastest thing to do. For some time now I’ve wanted to find a healthier alternative but was unsure where to begin. This is about the time I learned about Dr. KellyAnn and her magical bone broth.

Typically when I get a product sent to me I like to test it out for a while before sharing to make sure I have properly formulated an honest opinion about it. Well, I’ve had Dr. KellyAnn’s bone broth in my freezer for a few weeks now and finally decided to share this newfound secret I’m obsessed with!

Anytime I discover something new to me I like to do a ton of research on it before sharing so I can give you the full lowdown. I also really wanted to track down Dr. KellyAnn so she could give me the answers directly. So that’s what I did. I interviewed the bone broth guru herself. If you’re not familiar with Dr. KellyAnn, she is that person you look at and call #lifegoals. There’s just something about her that lets you know she has her shit together. Aside from her stellar complexion (thanks to her bone broth) and killer blue eyes, there are other reasons to be completely captivated by this woman. If you are intrigued, keep on reading.




Me: What makes your bone broth better or different than anything else on the market?

Dr.K: I’m all about quality and purity, so my bone broth is made from organic, pastured beef or chicken and pure, filtered water. In addition, it’s packed in BPA-free pouches.

Me: What inspired you to create your own bone broth?

Dr.K: Even though it’s easy to make bone broth, it does take time—and I know that these days, many people are simply too busy to babysit a stockpot. I wanted these people to be able to obtain high-quality broth from a source they could trust.

Me: What are the benefits of drinking / eating bone broth?

Dr.K: Bone broth is rich in healing gelatin that helps you build a glowing gut—and that’s the biggest key to weight loss and anti-aging. It’s also loaded with the building blocks of collagen, so it blasts your wrinkles. And it’s brimming with anti-inflammatory nutrients like glycine, glucosamine, and chondroitin, so it helps to heal the chronic inflammation that underlies everything from obesity to diabetes to arthritis.

In addition, bone broth is rich and satisfying, because it provides deep nutrition. As a result, drinking bone broth makes it easy and stress-free to diet or even do mini-fasts.

Me: Can you tell me a little about the process of making your bone broth?

It’s made in pretty much the same way you’d make it in your own kitchen—only on a larger scale! High-quality, organic bones and other natural ingredients are cooked until the bones actually start to melt, releasing their nutrients. Then the broth is packaged and frozen immediately to ensure maximum purity and nutrition.

Me: Does bone broth lose its nutritional value when you add veggies and / or chicken to it?

Not at all! I use it in soups and add it to stews and chili. During mini-fasts, however, you’ll want to drink it “straight” or with a few non-starchy veggies added, so you’ll get maximum fat-burning power.

Me: If you could only tell someone ONE thing about your bone broth, what would it be?

As a weight-loss and anti-aging specialist, I have to get amazing results—and bone broth is the most powerful tool in my arsenal. Now, you can get it ready-to-drink, so you can start enjoying its benefits instantly!

If you are interested in Dr. KellyAnn’s free recipes that help burn fat and blast wrinkles click here.

To get some of her killer recipes, her book has everything you need to know about losing weight, restoring collagen, and treating illness with her bone broth!

Personally I find the broth to be yummy enough on its own, but to spice it up I like to add a sprig of sage, a hefty chunk of ginger, and a lemon squeeze for some zest. I’ll let it warm on the stove for about 20 minutes and then drink it in a mug while working or be a civilized human and eat it out of bowl with a spoon. It’s all about preference, there are endless options!

If you’re a fan of bone broth I highly recommend trying Dr. KellyAnn’s version!