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Top 5 Rosés
I can get a little bougie when it comes drinking rosé. That’s not true. I can be very bougie when it comes to drinking (alcohol). I don’t like my cocktails too sweet or smoky, I like my chardonnay very oaky, and I like my rosé blush. So no, your red zin will not cut it. Oops…see?

Over the years I’ve tried everything (or close to it) on the market that’s accessible. Because let’s be real, I may be picky but I’m not crazy. If it’s not sold at Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, Gelsons, or Costco I’m most likely not drinking it on the reg. Luckily (for Paul) I’ve found 3 bottles that are sold in one or all of the aforementioned stores, and 2 extra special bottles that are worth that special trip to the wine shop.

Since I Snap & IG my rosé drinking often I’ve received many inquiries about the type of rosé I recommend. It’s funny because I know the names of 2 off the top of my head and had to Google the others until I recognized the bottle, and let me tell you, there’s a lot of Chateau-whatevers in rosé! After lots of zooming and confirming with Paul, I’ve found all 5 that are my absolute favorite.

One thing to note: Most of these are in the $15+ price category. For the longest time I loved that purple bottle rosé from TJ’s ($6.99) but after drinking so much rosé my palette no longer agrees with that one. It’s a sad reality, but I’ve seriously become a snobby rosé drinker. If you are looking for an upgraded bottle for a special occasion or just want to try the good stuff (kidding, but not really) these 5 will not disappoint.

1. Domaines Ott $45: This is one bottle NOT sold in most stores. If you live in LA you can get it at Wally’s or small specialty wine shops. Hard to come by, and definitely the priciest of all, but for those special occasions it’s definitely worth it. To me this is the Dom of rosé. Once you’ve sipped it it will be very hard to go back to $6.99 rosé. If this is out of your price-range (it is for me, I only get this sometimes), maybe just skip this one LOL.

2. Miraval $21: Well for starters this rosé is from Brad & Jen’s vineyard, so, you know, it’s fabulous. But aside from that, I sipped this by the bottle (not literally out of the bottle) for every meal while in the Amalfi Coast. It’s crisp, light, & dry, just like I like it. I’m currently stocking the most of this at home. Costco sells it for the cheapest, but it’s available at pretty much all stores.

3. Cotes des Roses $15-18: Depending on where you buy this the price will vary. Before I was hooked on Miraval this was my “nicer” go-to bottle. I must admit, I first bought this bottle because of the rose stamp on the bottom of the bottle. I mean, whose genius idea was that?! Second reason, the color is perfection. Believe it or not, when I’m not judging a rosé by it’s label / bottle design, I’m judging it by color (so prejudice, I know). It needs to be that perfect blush tone (an actual wino term) for me to drink it. When it’s darker it’s usually a red zinfandel or on the sweeter side, both of which I don’t like.

4. Chateau Saint Pierre $16.99: One time Gelsons was out of Miraval so Paul brought this home. He used his better judgement and went for a nicely-labeled bottle with the right shade of blush. It turned out to be a great bottle at an even greater price so it’s now in rotation at our house. And for the record, yes, Paul is now a full-blown rosé (& spritz) drinker after our Capri trip.

5. Luc Belaire Rare Rose $30: I love me a good sparkling rosé. I have to be in the right mood, though. It’s not really the pop-open-that-sparkling-rosé-as-we-sit-in-the-backyard kinda drink. It’s bubbly, fizzy, tummy-tingling rosé, and that should be saved for special days (or nights LOL). You can’t help but feel fancy when sipping a sparkling rosé so if you go with this one make sure you use the “good” glasses and go all the way with it. Oh, and since it’s sparkling there’s no corking this one, gotta finish the entire bottle. Score!

Now if this post doesn’t make you want to go pop open a bottle I’m not sure we can be friends. Cheers!