I’m not sure if this is just an LA thing, but do you guys ever see those colorful umbrellas posted up on street corners everywhere? It wasn’t until I started taking my dogs to a park with one of those stands that I realized it’s fresh fruit! Yum. Growing up my family was HUGE on fresh fruit. It’s also partially because I grew up on Maui, where we had the most exotic fruit trees in our backyard. While LA fruit doesn’t compare, these stands somehow manage to pick really solid fruit. For $6 you get a massive cup full of juicy fruits, complete with fresh lime juice & Tajin.

Tajin–the most magical Mexican spice I’ve ever tasted. It makes literally anything taste delicious! I like it on the rim of my margaritas, on corn, I’ve even gotten Paul addicted to it on the rim of his beer! BUT, my favorite is Tajin on watermelon. It is incredibly juicy & refreshing (especially when it’s 100ยบ degrees outside), which is why you see me eating this at least once per day.

I’ve resorted to shelling out the $10 for pre-cut fruit since I’m eating it so often & mostly because cutting a watermelon is tedious. However, I find that having pre-cut fruit at home is the only way I’ll actually eat it. I just throw some watermelon into a bowl, squeeze fresh lime juice all over it, then add Tajin. Simple. Done. If you’re feeling adventurous, add mango, cucumber, orange, and pineapple.

Sidenote, I decided to post this on the blog since I get 100’s of DM’s each time I show this snack on IG Stories, of people asking me what I sprinkle on the watermelon. I’m honestly blown away…there are people that don’t know what Tajin is!! They are NOT living life!!! So, consider this a favor. Enjoy!