7 TV Shows I’m Watching

Last year I posted about my top 12 TV shows and after looking back at the list a lot of them are totally done. To be fair, some needed to be done. But there are still some that are going strong and I’m still watching. I wanted to put together a quick list of updated […]


Top 10 TV Shows

Let me preface this post by saying that until I moved to California 17 years ago I never had cable. I always lived in places where cable was not an option so I would watch movies, but TV shows weren’t part of my life. Even after moving back to California I wasn’t super into TV, […]


If I haven’t already made this clear, I’m totally obsessed with Halloween. Pumpkin spice, not so much. But all black clothing, witch covens, scary movies, American Horror Story (did anyone else go to Universal Horror Nights just to see the AHS maze??!!), yes, yes yes! I’m pretty sure it’s partly a nostalgic thing, but Halloween […]