The 2020 Guide to Dealing With Stress

I’ve gotten a lot of requests in the past few months for ways to combat stress. Obviously it’s been a stressful year and everyone’s feeling that. I’ve definitely felt the pressure of saying the wrong thing on social media during this year’s social and current events – way more than ever before. My brands have […]

How To Stay Positive

I’ve talked about getting stuck in weird moods that you just can’t explain. Nothing is wrong (at least to your knowledge) but things feel off. It happens. Sometimes it’s PMS, sometimes it’s something that just hasn’t surfaced yet, sometimes it’s just there and you don’t know why. With pregnancy it’s an even weirder place because […]


Every now & then I find myself in a ‘mood.’ I strongly dislike the term ‘funk’ so I will try my best to avoid using it in this post, however, it might resonate with some reading this so I’m getting it out of the way now. But basically we all go through it–a weird mood […]


Stress is something that plagues more people than we think. I used to have the perception that stress was a momentary thing, caused by something. I didn’t realize that stress can consume your life in a way that affects absolutely everything else around you. The older I get the more I see stress and anxiety […]