Summer Tanning with New Bali Body: Real + Fake

It’s no secret that I love to be tan – preferably a little mixture of real and fake because old age / wrinkles. I don’t mind a good old fashioned suntan via the sun on my body (as long as SPF is involved), but my face is off limits. I’ve seen far too many scary […]

Beauty Products Currently On My Counter

You might recognize some of these products from my Stories, as I’ve shared most of them at some point or another. There’s a handful that have been in rotation for years! Seriously. I personally find it funny that this assortment just looks so pretty together…clearly I have a type when it comes to packaging. Not […]

How To Fake A Pregnancy Glow With Bali Body

I can hardly believe the stages of my “how to get a glow” posts….I mean, we started off with the basics back with this post, but oh how the times have changed! I’m now pregnant and trying to milk every second of that “pregnancy glow.” Except that my skin hates me (hormones) and so I […]

How I Get a Tan & Glow Before Coachella

I’m heading to the desert today for Coachella and of course I had to make sure my tan and glow was on point. Not gonna lie, Coachella usually lands during an awkward time for my tan, as it’s just after winter but before summer. In other words, my skin could use a little help pre-festival. […]

#SantaSivan GIVEAWAY DAY 5!

Bali Body

SUPER excited for you guys to have an opportunity to win some of my FAVORITE products! If you follow me somewhat regularly you know that I love Bali Body (on vacation & in my everyday makeup routines) and I get countless messages from you guys about their products. Today am I happy to announce that I’ve teamed up […]


Even in the dead of winter I still strive to have somewhat of a tan and glow. You know that meme that says “I’m a much better person when I’m tan” well, that’s me 10000%. Thankfully living in California allows me to hit the beach somewhat frequently during the winter, but the sun just isn’t […]