My Beauty Maintenance Schedule

I’ve always been someone who likes to feel and look maintained. When your nails are consistently manicured, your tan is on point, your legs are shaved, and your skincare is prioritized, you don’t need to spend as much time, money, or stress on hiding shit. Plus, I’ve learned that you can multi-task and get more […]


sivan ayla make-up routine

Starting the beauty category on my blog was something I was going to hold off until the new year, but I just couldn’t. Which should tell you how excited I am to kick this off. Especially when I avoided the topic of beauty on the blog in general until now. I was never a big […]


Dior Airflash foundation

Let me tell you a little story about me and make-up. I’ve always worn it, but stuck to a very basic routine of SPF moisturizer, mascara, bronzer, and a little eyeshadow. Nothing crazy. As I got a little “older” my mother introduced me to BB cream, which I felt changed my life. I suddenly had […]