35+ Beauty Hacks You Need to Know About

Did anyone else spend their teenage years flipping through every magazine possible? I can remember spending hours making collages, reading through articles, and attempting to follow every beauty tutorial I came across. Since then, I’ve taken my collaging digital (Pinterest obviously) and my tutorials to YouTube, but I still love a good editorial-style beauty list. […]


Super excited to share my SEASONAL LOOKBOOK | WINTER 2020 EDITION below! After hearing that so many of you guys love the Gift Guides and seeing all that content in one place, I wanted to create something similar that would make sense throughout the year. With that, these lookbooks were born. Think of these lookbooks […]

Everything You Need to Know About Nº32 + The Pop-Up Shop

  We’re officially 24(ish) hours out from the launch of my self-tanner and first + LUX UNFILTERED product, Nº32. Holy shit! If you’ve been following along with on Instagram, you know that this product has completely taken over my life the past few months. I’m sharing more about the story behind Nº32 tomorrow (launch day!), […]

Resetting Your Skincare

Every now and then it’s good to switch things up in your skincare routine. Just like when you work out your body, if you’re doing the same things over and over your muscles become immune to the exercises and you stop seeing results. The same goes for your skin (& hair). Of course, if you […]

Beverly Hills Staycation

Last week I had a mini staycation with my best girls to celebrate my last few days before babygirl arrives. Kind of like a babymoon but with my girlfriends instead. You know, any reason to keep the celebration and vacation vibes going. It was the ultimate staycation, as it took place at the Beverly Hills […]