My Mentorship Series

As you might have caught on Instagram, I’ve been working on a huge mentorship program with a company called With Honors. Paul and I filmed numerous videos together for this program and it’s finally LIVE!! With Honors is a new company and as soon as they reached out, I knew I was on board because […]

How to Land a Job in an Industry Where You Have No Experience

Kicking this week off with another guest post after you seemed to love Lauryn’s advice on Turning Your Passion into a Career. With never-ending questions on building a business, switching careers, and figuring out your passion in the Private FB Group, I know I need to get my ass in gear with more of this […]

How to Build Community as a Blogger

One of the things I’m most proud of when it comes to this blog is the community behind it. I’ve always loved sharing recipes, thoughts, style, beauty tutorials, and all that, but that means nothing if you don’t have a community to interact with and to share for. Obviously this takes time in the early […]

How I Plan My Content Per Platform

Back when I first started my blog (9 YEARS AGO!!!), I was putting up blog posts every day. This was pre-Instagram, pre-IGTV, pre-You Tube, at least for me, and when blogs were the main source of content. Fast-forward to 2020 and that’s obviously no longer the case. There are endless platforms to be performing on, […]

8 Tips for Killing the Small Business Game

It’s been forever since I’ve talked shop (aka business) so finally getting back into that today. It’s kinda funny because I used to do more Blogging Tips when I was starting out. Now that biz has grown, I forget to sit back and share what I find works. Since a lot of you have asked […]