Morning Routines People With a Life Will Appreciate

Listen, I’m all for the sound of some blissed-out morning routine involving sage and an hour of meditation or a yoga class, but let’s cut the shit. No one has time for that, and if you do, can you tell me your secrets? Even before I had Capri, I didn’t have hours (or quite honestly, […]

What I Learned From Detoxing

A few weeks back my friend Katrina from Tone It Up challenged me to their 5-day Detox. It was right before the fourth of July and seemed like a good time to detox my body before summer entered in full swing. Tone It Up offers a really great detox program that maps out your food […]


So here’s the story. My husband makes me eggs (2) every. single. morning. There isn’t a morning that goes by that I’m not forced to eat eggs in the morning. He tries really hard to mix things up to keep me from get bored of them, but honestly, scrambled, hard boiled, sunny side up, it’s […]