My Mentorship Series

As you might have caught on Instagram, I’ve been working on a huge mentorship program with a company called With Honors. Paul and I filmed numerous videos together for this program and it’s finally LIVE!! With Honors is a new company and as soon as they reached out, I knew I was on board because […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a Business

At the start of each of my companies, I’ve wished there was some magic handbook that told me everything I need to know. Especially when I first started my blog and had zero idea how the f*ck to do my taxes or what owning a business meant. But the truth is, there’s not. There’s no […]

My Tips on Working From Home

I realize that while I’m used to working from home at this point, most of the country (scratch that, world), is not. I actually remember first working from home years ago thinking it was going to be this boujee mix of working out, making healthy lunches, taking mid-day self-care breaks, etc etc., and was quickly […]

8 Tips for Killing the Small Business Game

It’s been forever since I’ve talked shop (aka business) so finally getting back into that today. It’s kinda funny because I used to do more Blogging Tips when I was starting out. Now that biz has grown, I forget to sit back and share what I find works. Since a lot of you have asked […]

Crush Your Taxes Like A Boss!

I write this post after what may have been the most cluster-fucky tax preparation of my life! Usually I begin prepping in January–I take my time getting organized, printing out statements, sorting through receipts, making lists, filling in my spreadsheet, and realllllly just making sure I didn’t miss anything. This year…well, let’s just say I […]


I’m filing this one under ‘Blogging Tips’ because that’s where any business advice I give goes, AND, the idea for this post was generated by my encounter with many many many bad handshakes in the blogging space. Now I can’t talk too much shit on the ‘millennials,’ since as of yesterday I found out I’m […]