Capri Update: Everything she’s eating, reading, doing at 22 months!

Believe it or not, Capri is almost 2! Can someone please explain how the hell time is flying this fast?! I decided to put together a much overdue Capri update since obviously so much has changed since we last chatted all things Capri and her schedule. At 22 months she is blowing us all away […]

Typical Parenting Rules I Don’t Subscribe To

Even before having Capri, I knew I wouldn’t be a “typical” mom. I wasn’t about to completely change my lifestyle, home decor, or travel just because there was a baby living with us. Obviously I knew there would be sacrifices and things we were happy to change with a baby in our lives, but I’ve […]

What I’m Actually Buying (and Not Buying) Capri This Season

This is technically Capri’s second Christmas, but last year she was like 3 months old and basically a really cute blob. So…we’re treating this as her first holiday season since she’s more of a human now. We kinda do our own thing with celebrating Hannakuah while also incorporating a Christmas tree, and it’s basically a […]

The Cutest Stuff Capri Wore Her First Year

It’s literally impossible to pick my favorite outfit of Capri’s this year. From her newborn days to snuggly things to her latest tie-dye phase, I die for it all. When I think back to themes that were on reapeat this first year – or just really f*cking cute, these stand out. My lil’ limoncello! If […]