Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a Business

At the start of each of my companies, I’ve wished there was some magic handbook that told me everything I need to know. Especially when I first started my blog and had zero idea how the f*ck to do my taxes or what owning a business meant. But the truth is, there’s not. There’s no […]

How to Land a Job in an Industry Where You Have No Experience

Kicking this week off with another guest post after you seemed to love Lauryn’s advice on Turning Your Passion into a Career. With never-ending questions on building a business, switching careers, and figuring out your passion in the Private FB Group, I know I need to get my ass in gear with more of this […]

How I Plan My Content Per Platform

Back when I first started my blog (9 YEARS AGO!!!), I was putting up blog posts every day. This was pre-Instagram, pre-IGTV, pre-You Tube, at least for me, and when blogs were the main source of content. Fast-forward to 2020 and that’s obviously no longer the case. There are endless platforms to be performing on, […]

What You’re Probably Doing Wrong in Your Career

sivan ayla business photo

Obviously I haven’t always considered myself business savvy or whatever the f*ck you want to call it. In fact, I didn’t truly feel successful and content with my career until the last couple of years. Like most 20 somethings, there were several years of floating around and having zero clue what I actually wanted to […]

How to Get Motivated Career-Wise When You’re Stuck

I’m naturally a very motivated, driven person, but I’m also human. I’ve been lost, I’ve been completely useless, and I’ve been stuck when it comes to my career or my future. I definitely felt this way a couple of times during my twenties, whether with something big like my long-term career goals or something small […]