Grapefruit Spritzer [Mocktail]

I’ve been hitting the mocktails hard since finding out I’m pregnant. Basically it just helps me feel included and part of the celebration when I’m out at events or dinners and the only one who cannot have a glass of wine or champagne. To be honest, sometimes the mocktails are just as good as the […]


It’s no secret I love a spicy margarita. It’s pretty much my go-to cocktail but it has to be fresh. There is nothing I dislike in a cocktail more than fakey ingredients. At my birthday party last week I was sipping fresh spicy margs out of my fun disco ball tumbler and it inspired me […]


  It’s no secret that I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan, but I love any excuse to shake up a festive cocktail. And obviously VDAY gives you lots of cute pinkish reasons to do so. OR, you can totally boycott the whole thing and start celebrating Galentine’s Day, which is a totally new concept […]


  You guys, does anyone drink whiskey? My husband is a big scotch sipper so I’m often forced to try his drinks (why does he always make me do that?) and I’m never really into it. I love a smokey cocktail, but scotch and whiskey tend to be a bit too smokey for me. I’ve […]

Peach Sangria

On Friday I love me a cocktail, especially a sangria! My wholehearted favorite drink of choice and this one has a fun, Southern, daytime spin on it. I’m always a fan of simple recipes and will never lie to my readers about the complexity of concocting a drink. Trust me, this one is easy. Just […]

Rum Grapefruit & Mint Mojitos

You know I am getting into an autumnal mood when my drink of choice switches from light and sweet to light and tangy. It was literally only this past weekend that I really got excited for quite possibly my favorite month–October. I won’t get into it yet, but I am really really thrilled to welcome […]