How to Elevate Your Bathroom Without Renovating

Throughout the years of renovating several bathrooms, I’ve noticed that I have a specific style, at least when it comes to the contents. Obviously there’s a sink and all that essential shit, but on top of that, I have a list of items that I NEED in each bathroom. They’re little details that turn a […]

Baby Rich’s Nursery

Baby girl’s room is finally complete! It took me months of being pregnant (like 5-6 months) before I could really wrap my head around what I wanted to do in there. It was a combination of not knowing the vibe I wanted, wanting to wait until after my baby shower so people had fun things […]


Nothing excites me more than home decor, nothing! Since I was a teenager I had this obsession with styling my parent’s house. At the time I was very into Shabby Chic and started painting all our furniture white and distressing it myself (because Shabby Chic the brand is extremely expensive). My mom loved it, but […]