Etiquette 101: On setting the table

Growing up I was the designated table setter since I wanted nothing to do with actually preparing the food. It was something I had grown accustomed to doing (and correctly) and have taken table setting duties to a whole other level since incorporating cooking into my life. Many times I would eat dinner at my […]

Etiquette 101: On living together

The first and only guy I’ve ever lived with (aside from my Dad) is Paul. I’m gonna go out on a limb here when I say he is extremely easy to live with, which I think is probably rare in men. He’s not a total slob, he let’s me decorate our home in my taste […]

Etiquette 101: On working out

  So we know that my Etiquette series is typically inspired by events and encounters that fill my everyday life, and not just an excuse for a 26 year old to school you on acting like a decent human being. With that said, I feel like if enough people read my tips we would have […]

Etiquette 101: On borrowing

It’s been quite a few years since my friends and I borrowed each others clothing. I guess as my lifestyle evolved and I stopped hitting the party circuit as much, there was less reason to buy or borrow a dress. These days the only borrowing that occurs from my closet is from my younger sisters, […]

Etiquette 101: On giving flowers

    Before I dive into this one, apologies for the 1 post a week. No excuses, I suck for pushing my favorite project to the back burner. I promise to not let this be a habit. I, like most girls, adore fresh flowers. It’s a staple on my grocery list (Trader Joe’s has a […]

Etiquette 101: On Dating

  Being an engaged woman and all, I like to think I know a thing or two about dating. While I wasn’t big on serial dating, I can proudly say I’ve only ever been on one bad date. And whether or not a relationship flourished during my dating years, my dates have always been very […]