FALL WEEK IS BACK!!! I did this last fall (and spring) and you guys seemed to love it so I’m doing it again! If you’re new to FALL WEEK, I basically round up the cutest sh*t from around the web and cover a new topic each day of the week. Obviously it’s still a million […]

What You Actually Need From the Nordstrom Early Access Sale

Unless you’ve been living under an Instagram rock, you know the Nordstrom Sale started today (Early Access). Honestly, this sale always stresses me the f*** out and I think a lot of people overdo it. But I get it, there’s a ton of merchandise and everything sells out fast. I wanted to share my favorites […]


If I haven’t already made this clear, I’m totally obsessed with Halloween. Pumpkin spice, not so much. But all black clothing, witch covens, scary movies, American Horror Story (did anyone else go to Universal Horror Nights just to see the AHS maze??!!), yes, yes yes! I’m pretty sure it’s partly a nostalgic thing, but Halloween […]


Blue Life Black Romper

Happy Monday! I’m going to jump right in and say that this week is dedicated to mourning my final days as a 26-year-old. 27 is here, and along with it’s untimely arrival, so is fall. I’m busting out the boots, faux fur, black…well, black goes year-round for me, but it is especially relevant this week. […]