Q+A with Sivan: Health + Fitness Edition

Maybe because it’s summer or the fact that I’ve been living in the new Tan + Lines collection (dropping Thursday!!) but I’ve gotten more health / fitness questions than usual lately. To answer efficiently, I figured I’d do a big Q+A here. I get endless questions about postpartum fitness and “bouncing back” so I’ll dedicate […]

The Sivan Ayla Workout Plan

Tan + Lines SPORT launched yesterday so I thought it would be fun to release the SIVAN AYLA WORKOUT PLAN to celebrate. I get a lot of questions on health + wellness and while I try to share snippets on IG, having it one place made more sense. For everything I do, wear, and eat/drink, […]

Healthy Habits I Stick To (Most of the Time)

It’s been a minute since I shared a post on fitness or wellness which is ironic since it’s a big part of my life. I’m not someone who is insane about a diet or working out 24/7, but I do take pride in my overall health. I feel my best, and am a much nicer […]

Deconstructed Mexican Corn

My pregnant ass just stared at the screen drooling, wondering if Postmates can somehow deliver this to me?? I haven’t had many cravings, per se, but I’ve definitely wanted some random fatty foods that I wouldn’t typically crave. Often times I don’t even want it until it pops up on TV or if I see […]

Burrata, Beet, + Basil Salad

Let me just complain for one sec. I’m currently sitting in my new office with pounding and drilling happening above my head. It’s loud AF and I can barely hear myself think. Coincidentally, last night the episode of Sex and the City where Aidan renovates Carrie’s apartment was on (remember how she freaked out because […]


Places To Eat In The Valley

  Okay, okay…so I’m kind of cheating. I get people asking for best restaurant recommendation in LA, but The Valley is a whole different story. I promise I’m working on my list for anyone visiting, because I’m pretty sure if you’re not from here you’re not heading north on the 101 to come eat here. I love The Valley, but […]