While we won’t be seeing many friends or attending events this year, I still want to keep the holidays special for Capri. All while relaxing before Baby Nº2 arrives, of course. With that, I thought it would be cute to put together a Chill Holiday Bucket List. Share yours after reading? + Make homemade hot […]

What I’m Actually Buying (and Not Buying) Capri This Season

This is technically Capri’s second Christmas, but last year she was like 3 months old and basically a really cute blob. So…we’re treating this as her first holiday season since she’s more of a human now. We kinda do our own thing with celebrating Hannakuah while also incorporating a Christmas tree, and it’s basically a […]

My 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!!!

It’s here!!!! The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide is complete and I can’t f*cking wait for you guys to see it! Hope this gets you in the festive spirit while successfully shopping for everyone on your list (even in-laws who are insanely hard to shop for, the Richards in your life, and yourself, obviously). Wish we […]

#SantaSivan is HERE!

This is my second year hosting the #SantaSivan giveaways and I’m super excited for the brands I have lined up for you guys. The notion behind these giveaways is to give back to you guys for your continued support and to share with you some of my favorite products. As an influencer I’m lucky to […]


It’s about that time when TV commercials and department stores prematurely start with the holiday music. Believe me when I say I love a good Christmas tune in the middle of summer (hey, some of them are really good!), but there’s just something kind of annoying listening to the same 30 good ones on repeat […]