5 Face Mists I Love

I must admit, when it comes to face sprays and mists I have a type. I love rose-scented anything but it has to be light, natural, and refreshing. Not super fake smelling, you know I mean? I also happen to gravitate towards pink-toned products, but that’s just a branding thing that I can’t help. I’ve […]

Learning To Take Compliments

How many of us can’t take compliments? I, for one, am incredibly awkward when people pay me a compliment and often contradict it or altogether shut it down. Why? Not entirely sure, but when it was brought to my attention recently that I can just simply say ‘thank you’ it got me thinking. As women […]


My obsession with being tan year-round has turned me into somewhat of an expert on the subject. I mean, when you’ve tried as many products as I have, you kind of just know what’s good. I will say this, so far no product has been bad. There have been products that didn’t really serve a […]