Almost 3 years ago Paul proposed to me on the Fess Parker vineyard in Los Olivos. I had never been to Los Olivos at the time, and with us just having got engaged, I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t get to properly explore the town (not city) so I was thrilled when Paul picked […]

Fess Parker

Coming back to reality after the best 3 days of my life has been harder than I’d like to admit. Los Olivos, and specifically the Fess Parker Spa & Inn, was my ultimate dream. Outstanding food, a relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of wine made for my ideal life. While I have had to dive back […]

Bling Ring!

I have never been so excited about something yet had so little to say about it. On Sunday Paul asked me to marry him! I am still pretty speechless and shocked. Considering we are going to Paris in 5 months I thought maybe, just maybe, it would happen then. But this?! Did not see it […]