Here we go… Embarking on a territory I know nothing about, but giving it my best shot. It seemed like the natural next step for me, as I really do enjoy creating video content for you guys. I’m still in the learning stages so please leave me some feedback so I can make the next […]


  Last month when I was in Miami I decided this dress was the perfect little “sundress” to wear to a day full of Swim Week events. It’s short, bright, light, fun, done. I was also highly depending on this dress to brighten my mood, which wasn’t quite as chipper due to a throbbing hangover […]


A little short suit is what’s currently exciting me. There isn’t anything to even think about! This mellow yellow number by Lovers + Friends really embodies everything I want in a suit: 1) shorts vs. pants 2) it has a print 3) it is bright 4) the blazer is fitted in all the right spots […]