The 2020 Guide to Dealing With Stress

I’ve gotten a lot of requests in the past few months for ways to combat stress. Obviously it’s been a stressful year and everyone’s feeling that. I’ve definitely felt the pressure of saying the wrong thing on social media during this year’s social and current events – way more than ever before. My brands have […]

Healthy Habits I Stick To (Most of the Time)

It’s been a minute since I shared a post on fitness or wellness which is ironic since it’s a big part of my life. I’m not someone who is insane about a diet or working out 24/7, but I do take pride in my overall health. I feel my best, and am a much nicer […]


Trying to be a morning person has been a struggle of mine for life. In fact, just the other day Paul and I were talking about how our parents used to wake us up as kids and it made me realize that I’ve actually disliked mornings since I was little. Maybe I should blame my […]


You guys have asked me what keeps me motivated to work out, and so I’ve made a list of reasons why I’m addicted. Take away from it what you want, but these are honestly the things that keep me motivated to keep hitting the gym. For me, exercise if more about maintaining my physical and […]