Paulitics: My Take on Fall Trends

Although mine along with most others’ wardrobe these days consists of athleisure wear (insert shameless plug for latest Fall 2020 collection), I thought you have all waited long enough for another round of my thoughts on what my wife tells me are some of the latest trends! If you missed my last take, you […]

How to Not Kill Your Husband During the Covid-Era

By now you know that Paul and I fight, just like every other couple. We love, respect, and admire each other, but we have days where things are f*cking hard. It’s life! Add on running a couple of businesses, working together 24/7, raising a child, renovating a house, quitting jobs, and a pandemic, and the […]

PAULITICS: Girl Hot vs. Guy Hot Trends

While everyone “fancies” (thank you, Love Island UK) something different, here are my thoughts on some recent trends and whether guys actually like them, at least this guy. Always keeping in mind that the right person (I am lucky enough to be married to one!) can make ANYTHING look good…BRING ON THE RICHARDDDDDDDDD! + OVERSIZED […]

Do’s and Don’ts of a Happy Marriage

Before I share my advice on a happy marriage, know this: our marriage is not perfect. Paul annoys the shit out of me and vice versa. We fight. We have days where it’s hard. We have days where the knife emoji is real life. But for the most part, we’ve built a partnership that we’re […]

PAULITICS: What It’s Really Like Being Married to a Blogger

Hey guys, Paul here (NOT Richard). It’s taken me almost a decade to make my official appearance on Sivan’s site but after lots of attitude and pressure from Sivan, here I am. In all seriousness, I’m really excited to be writing! In fact, this is the first of many articles to come in my series […]

6 Things Paul + I Like to Do for Dates

Paul and I just got back from Napa (in case you missed my weekend full of buzzed IG Stories) and it was veryyyy needed. We work together and are basically together 24/7 which is the problem. We’re constantly in work or parent mode, not necessarily relationship mode. And as anyone who works with a spouse […]