Paulitics: My Take on Fall Trends

Although mine along with most others’ wardrobe these days consists of athleisure wear (insert shameless plug for latest Fall 2020 collection), I thought you have all waited long enough for another round of my thoughts on what my wife tells me are some of the latest trends! If you missed my last take, you […]

Paul’s Picks for Father’s Day

I let Paul completely take over the Father’s Day Gift Guide this year since it only makes sense. I told him to keep it PG and keep all budgets in mind. Even though I hate admitting it, he did pretty well! Here are his ideas: + Hair Trimmer + Portable Speaker + Pricey but the […]

PAULITICS: Girl Hot vs. Guy Hot Trends

While everyone “fancies” (thank you, Love Island UK) something different, here are my thoughts on some recent trends and whether guys actually like them, at least this guy. Always keeping in mind that the right person (I am lucky enough to be married to one!) can make ANYTHING look good…BRING ON THE RICHARDDDDDDDDD! + OVERSIZED […]

Paulitics: Basic Tips for Money Management

I’m back with my second Paulitics article (the first one is here if you missed it) and today I am talking about finances. Unless you’re new around here, you probably know that I’m all about money management. While I’ve always been interested in money, I’ve taught myself most of it – and I think you […]

PAULITICS: What It’s Really Like Being Married to a Blogger

Hey guys, Paul here (NOT Richard). It’s taken me almost a decade to make my official appearance on Sivan’s site but after lots of attitude and pressure from Sivan, here I am. In all seriousness, I’m really excited to be writing! In fact, this is the first of many articles to come in my series […]