I find extreme comfort in wearing my boyfriend’s attire. Whether it is one of his v-neck t-shirts that have shrunken from time in the dryer, a beanie he hasn’t yet stretched out, a pair of sunglasses that slide off my nose a little too much to be practical, or his mother’s vintage necklace, I love […]


I have reached a crossroad that has me feeling like a cross between curious George and Alice in Wonderland. On one hand I want to dive into something fun and unpredictable, and on the other hand I want to continue down a path of wild and crazy experiences. There is common ground between the two […]

Circus, circus

I had the pleasure of staring at this jumpsuit for months while I was working with the line (Winter Kate), but it never really struck me as a piece I needed for myself. When I came across it again months later, however, it suddenly became life or death that I own it. Being a very, […]