Paulitics: Answering More of Your Relationship Questions

If you missed my first take on relationship advice, don’t worry, because I’m back with another Q+A today. Thanks for sending all your relationship questions in and I’ll be sure to do another round of these in a few months if there are more questions! Q: What is a good amount of times to “do […]

Love Lessons I’ve Learned from The Bachelor

It’s no secret that I have an obsession for the entire Bachelor franchise. It’s a complete shitshow and pretty hard to watch at times but it’s also the most entertaining show of all time. Even behind the production and crazy-ass contestants, I do think there are lessons to take from the show, which I’m sharing […]

Communicating With Your Significant Other

I get a lot of questions about my relationship with Paul. We are clearly very open about our life together and honestly, Paul loves nothing more than to give relationship advice. If he could respond to all of your DM’s asking for relationship advice he totally would. Maybe one day I can get him to […]


My husband, Paul, and I are going on 8 years of being together. We have quite the unusual story, which you can hear all about in this video, but let me share some important details about us as a couple that you won’t hear in the video. I’m married to the world’s most stubborn, genuine, […]