Schnitzel + Israeli Salad

This is a childhood meal of mine that I modified to fit my cooking style. In other words, there is no frying, mashed potatoes, or corn. Not that I don’t love those things, but I realize there is zero nutritional value in potatoes or corn so I rarely make either (except for a delicious Mexican […]

Burrata, Beet, + Basil Salad

Let me just complain for one sec. I’m currently sitting in my new office with pounding and drilling happening above my head. It’s loud AF and I can barely hear myself think. Coincidentally, last night the episode of Sex and the City where Aidan renovates Carrie’s apartment was on (remember how she freaked out because […]


Looking through some of my other recipes on the blog, I’ve realized that I eat <em>a lot</em> of kale. I’m definitely going to be experimenting with other types of greens this year (not a resolution, but should be). BUT, this salad is goooooood! I’ve shown it on my IG stories and each time I post […]


I love a good salad. 5 days of out of the week I eat a salad for lunch, but it’s not always homemade. I’m definitely guilty of frequently hitting up the prepared foods section in Whole Foods. But when I’m serving a salad during dinner it’s always homemade. There is nothing like fresh ingredients in […]


I have a new favorite kale salad recipe to share! If you follow any of my recipes you know I’m pretty addicted, as I’ve posted a clementine sesame one here + a ricotta lemon one here. This one kind of reminds me of a kale caesar, a salad I have yet to perfect, but way […]