35+ Beauty Hacks You Need to Know About

Did anyone else spend their teenage years flipping through every magazine possible? I can remember spending hours making collages, reading through articles, and attempting to follow every beauty tutorial I came across. Since then, I’ve taken my collaging digital (Pinterest obviously) and my tutorials to YouTube, but I still love a good editorial-style beauty list. […]

My Beauty Maintenance Schedule

I’ve always been someone who likes to feel and look maintained. When your nails are consistently manicured, your tan is on point, your legs are shaved, and your skincare is prioritized, you don’t need to spend as much time, money, or stress on hiding shit. Plus, I’ve learned that you can multi-task and get more […]

Is the Hype Around Japanese Skincare Legit?

By now, you guys know my obsession with skincare is real. Because let’s be honest, what makes the biggest difference in how we look is the condition of our skin. I realized this about five years ago and have been addicted to perfecting my skin ever since. Other than being mindful about the foods/drinks I’m […]

How to Afford Young-Looking Skin

I’m psycho about my skincare; think this is pretty clear by now. In fact, I’m willing to do almost much anything to keep it looking right and tight. And even though I know it’s magical, I’ve been sporadic about my commitment to retinol. Maybe Paul’s frugalness is rubbing off on me, but I can’t always […]

My Summer to Fall Skincare Swaps

The Valley is notorious for lagging when it comes to fall or cold weather in general. And while I honestly don’t mind because I live for rosé and sun, by October 1, I’m ready for 65 degree weather (our version of fall). It’s that time of year where I’m forced to go through my closet […]