barefoot blue dress

There’s nothing sadder than coming home from vacation (when you’re actually ready to come home) and then developing a mean case of Vacation Blues. After a blissful week on the island of St. John I was ready to join the real world (and my puppies) again, but quickly realized upon arriving back, that I was […]

Packing List: For St. John

It wouldn’t be a real vacation if I didn’t plan my packing list via the blog and then realize (the night before my trip) that I am not quite prepared with all of these fabulous goodies. So, in other words, this is my ideal packing list. While I do have the wardrobe all ready to […]

Vacation Style

Well, it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year. Summer–a season that seems somewhat endless in Southern California, but never seems escape excitement come July. I, myself, will be jet setting over to St. John at the end of the month and have already been preparing outfits (duh), as well as a mindset. Paul will be […]