My Beauty Maintenance Schedule

I’ve always been someone who likes to feel and look maintained. When your nails are consistently manicured, your tan is on point, your legs are shaved, and your skincare is prioritized, you don’t need to spend as much time, money, or stress on hiding shit. Plus, I’ve learned that you can multi-task and get more […]

Everything You Need to Know About Nº32 + The Pop-Up Shop

  We’re officially 24(ish) hours out from the launch of my self-tanner and first + LUX UNFILTERED product, Nº32. Holy shit! If you’ve been following along with on Instagram, you know that this product has completely taken over my life the past few months. I’m sharing more about the story behind Nº32 tomorrow (launch day!), […]

How To Fake A Pregnancy Glow With Bali Body

I can hardly believe the stages of my “how to get a glow” posts….I mean, we started off with the basics back with this post, but oh how the times have changed! I’m now pregnant and trying to milk every second of that “pregnancy glow.” Except that my skin hates me (hormones) and so I […]

How I Get a Tan & Glow Before Coachella

I’m heading to the desert today for Coachella and of course I had to make sure my tan and glow was on point. Not gonna lie, Coachella usually lands during an awkward time for my tan, as it’s just after winter but before summer. In other words, my skin could use a little help pre-festival. […]


Even in the dead of winter I still strive to have somewhat of a tan and glow. You know that meme that says “I’m a much better person when I’m tan” well, that’s me 10000%. Thankfully living in California allows me to hit the beach somewhat frequently during the winter, but the sun just isn’t […]