My Tips on Working From Home

I realize that while I’m used to working from home at this point, most of the country (scratch that, world), is not. I actually remember first working from home years ago thinking it was going to be this boujee mix of working out, making healthy lunches, taking mid-day self-care breaks, etc etc., and was quickly […]


Super excited to share my SEASONAL LOOKBOOK | WINTER 2020 EDITION below! After hearing that so many of you guys love the Gift Guides and seeing all that content in one place, I wanted to create something similar that would make sense throughout the year. With that, these lookbooks were born. Think of these lookbooks […]

5 Things I Do Before Noon

-Take Vitamins. My probiotic needs to be taken on an empty stomach so first thing in the morning is ideal. The other vitamins I take are mostly pregnancy related so this will vary but you can see the full list here. Weirdly, I’ve been a little more relaxed about taking ALL of my vitamins recently […]


I know…this sounds like a boring ass topic. But NO! Since I’m getting a lot of questions about blogging, managing your own business, etc., I think it is perfectly appropriate to get into this topic. After all, poor time management is the underlying issue for many self-employed people. Unsure if you suffer from poor time […]

168 Hours

“I don’t have time” is the story of my life. I am a person who is easily overwhelmed, and so when the workload is heavy and there is a lot going on socially (and I’m not talking partying my life away, I’m talking graduations, weddings….obligatory events), I have a very hard time squeezing anything else […]