Currently Loving At Sephora

Am I alone when I say Sephora is just the mothership of every girl’s beauty fantasy?! I mean, we’ve all had the dream where you’re at Sephora running wild buying everything in sight. That’s the dream. Even as a beauty blogger who receives a good amount of gifting, there is still something super exhilarating about […]


Holiday Makeup Video

During the holidays I tend to do a lot of red lipstick, but every now & then I like to mix things up and use glitter instead. In my opinion, you only need ONE statement within your makeup look. If you choose a smoky eye, keep the lips neutral and vice versa. For this looks […]


A little while back I visited the Too Faced headquarters and got to play around with the new Peaches & Cream collection. I wasn’t allowed to talk about it at the time, but now I can’t shut up about how dreamy the collection is! There is something really fresh & sweet about peachy-colored makeup and […]


I have honestly never loved foundation. It always looks fabulous on camera, but in person I’m totally cringing when I see it. That’s the thing, I feel like you shouldn’t be able to see your foundation. It should essentially be your second [flawless] skin, right? Maybe I have this all wrong, but up until I […]