How I Plan Vacations

When I started drafting this post Paul was PISSED. Realistically, he plans all of our vacations. He has agreed to share some insight, though, since I’m pretty worthless when it comes to booking just about anything. I get super overwhelmed with the options and when websites look like something from the 90’s (ie: Ferry booking […]

Instagrammable Spots in NYC

I recently went to NYC with my mom and sister for a little 5-day trip and we had an absolute blast. I don’t typically go to NYC for “fun,” there’s usually some sort of work tied to it, but this time it was purely for pleasure and I finally had an opportunity to hit up […]


First stop, Venice, Italy. This was my first trip in a long time that didn’t involve 99% beach time. I’m so used to the relaxation, endless cocktails, a tan, that walking around cities for 2000+ steps (approximately 9 miles, if you’re wondering) per day hardly seems like a vacation! I’m not complaining by the way, […]


The second part of my Amalfi Coast trip consisted of 5 nights in Positano. It’s an easy ferry ride over from Capri, and you definitely cannot miss that drop-dead-gorgeous hillside as you approach the coast. The colorful architecture lining the mountain is unmistakable, and seeing it in person was surreal. Positano was a lot more […]


Today marks one year since I said “I do” on the beach in Greece. Acknowledging that my wedding was one year ago is such a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, the year flew by, letting me know that I’m living life to the fullest. On the other hand, how do you move past all the […]


10 THINGS I LEARNED IN CAPRI: 1. The island of Capri is pronounced “cahhhh-pree.” 2. There are 2 “sides” to the island. Capri, the main town where most of the hotels and restaurants are, and Anacapri. Anacapri is actually the top of the island. There are some cute shops and restaurants up there, but most […]