2 Nights In Napa

If you’re looking at this post wondering why the cover image is of Aperol Spritz and not wine, well, because it’s really kind of exhausting drinking real-deal wine all day! I had to switch by Day 3 to maintain a semblance of my composure otherwise I’d be slurring all over the place drinking just wine, […]

Life-Saving Travel Tips

After my first real vacation with Capri on board, I’ve learned a few travel tips that I felt crucial to share. Traveling can be such a pain in the ass (esp with a baby) so any little thing you can do to make your life easier is worth it. Listen, I’ve traveled a bunch in […]

Where I Went In London

I recently visited London for the second time and managed to cram A LOT in a short amount of time. I was out there with Herbal Essences but decided to extend my trip by a few days since it’s not exactly a place I visit frequently. Last time I was in London it was the […]

Maui Babymoon

Babymoon: best idea in the world or worst? On one hand, it’s your last real vacation as just a couple (no baby)–get in some quality time and relaxation for the two of you. On the other hand, what’s a vacation without a cocktail?! Am I right?! Okay…Paul said I’m starting to sound like I have […]