Where to Shop Vaca Looks in the Dead of Winter

I feel like it’s my duty to bring awareness to Resort season, being vacation and tan obsessed as I am. Essentially in the dead of winter there is this fabulous little window of time that us professional vacationers like to call Resort and it refers to the summer-inspired looks we wear during our winter holidays […]

Here’s How to Prep Your Body for Vaca

Our last trip to Cabo was my first after having Capri and I won’t lie and say I felt completely confident in my body yet. But it got me thinking about what I do to prep my body and health for vaca and realized I’ve never shared these tips. Til now! If you’re going on […]

How I Plan Vacations

When I started drafting this post Paul was PISSED. Realistically, he plans all of our vacations. He has agreed to share some insight, though, since I’m pretty worthless when it comes to booking just about anything. I get super overwhelmed with the options and when websites look like something from the 90’s (ie: Ferry booking […]


I broke my Bora Bora posts into 3 different days since I feel it’s a lot to take in. You know, my crazy screaming and cussing in the video, then my long, traumatic story in yesterday’s post about the shark & stingray snorkel, and now the logistics. For anyone planning a trip to Bora Bora, […]


Ok, here it is. I came home and went straight to Palm Springs for a shoot and the week escaped me before I had an opportunity to really sit down and put together a proper travel guide for Bora Bora. First off, this trip was a belated 30th birthday celebration for Paul since it was […]