Those who CAN do, teach! - Sivan

Those who CAN do, Teach!

Hello DIY World!

I hope you are ready to embark on my latest project with me, because today I have decided to take my inspiration viral. I have participated in all social media outlets, but now it is time to compile everything into one platform that will allow me to not only share, but elaborate on my creativity. While some of my obsessions are fleeting (aka zig zag Missoni print), many are classic and timeless, which can only be achieved through expression of trial and error. As a writer, fashionista, DIY queen and social scientist, this is my way of consulting out loud.

We all know the household names that currently dominate the arts & crafts world, but it is time for the younger generations to be heard as well. Innovation is changing the way homes are being decorated, clothes are being designed, food is being cooked, and cocktails shaken. While tradition is, well, tradition, contemporary-classic is the new black. It is adaptable yet constantly evolving to meet the demanding aesthetics for us visual people.

My website is here to stimulate your creativity or just give you something to marvel at. I personally believe that anything produced for a store can be made at home; sometimes it is worth spending the money to spare the headache, but it is always fun and more customized. Follow me into a fabulous frenzy of eating, drinking, crafting, designing, and styling, and writing.