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Well, I finally made it back to California after a long 9 days in New York. I’ll preempt this post before you assume I was there purely for fun by saying I was there on business. Coterie (NY fashion market) is a three-day long tradeshow for designers to showcase their latest collections (Spring/Summer 2013 in this case) and there is a lot of walking, talking, and standing pretty involved. Concluding these three days I immersed my girlfriend Kelly and I into some fun NYC adventures to take the edge off our pained feed. What did we learn? We are both capable of cramming in every tourist attraction into a short 48 hours, making us the world’s greatest time management duo. And, of course, going vegetarian for the week (Kelly is a real vegetarian) meant eating non-stop cheese and pasta, which, quite frankly, didn’t bother me one bit. However, I will now spend the rest of the month (and today–Yom Kippur) repenting my sinful eating. Enjoy my NYC recap below!


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