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Think & Shop Pink

Pink is the most important color today, and the rest of the month for that matter, as it is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have always been a huge advocate of this cause since breast cancer runs in my family–I would hand out little pink ribbons in high school all month and do the Revlon walk every year with my family. Even though I rarely wear the color anymore and it is pretty non-existent in my apartment, I love pink and it gives me a little tingly feeling in my stomach when I see athletes playing in pink uniforms with pink balls. Aside from making donations, these products will contribute a portion of their proceeds to certain organizations. While I didn’t research the *exact amounts, I know all are affiliated with a reliable and credible foundations.

1. Rablabs Pedra coaster $68 set of 4  2. Glamglow Mud Mask $69 3. Sephora flawless brush set $39 4. Ralph Lauren Pink Pony candle (sold out) 5. Footjoy stasoft glove $18.95 6. Junk Food NFL tee $36 (100% of proceeds go to BC Research foundation)         7. Pura Vida Platinum Pink bracelets $10 8. Smashbox lipstick $19 9. Hancky Panky thong $20 10. Yarnz leopard scarf $215          11. Kitchen Aid mixer $349 12. Susan G Komen Santoku knife $49


* Junk Food NFL Tee is sold at Bloomingdales and will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research foundation

Note: that pink chair is not part of the products for BC research…sorry for the confusion 🙂