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W+S Gift Guide

My tardiness in posting my gift guide is directly related to how I am with actually shopping for gifts. Late. I don’t ever give gifts after the holidays, but I am definitely the one scrambling to find a parking spot for an hour, waiting in line for two hours, and typically buying three of the same gifts just for sake of not needing to hunt for anything else. I must say I have yet to enjoy the process of gift-giving, and this year I’m hoping to elicit a change from my overly-OCD gifting guide I am so generously sharing with you. Enjoy!

This girl takes pride in her home and it shows! She is typically the one hosting dinner parties and events year-round (me) and enjoys the little details of her home that distinguishes her style from the next hostess. This holiday season she deserves something dipped in gold–or something equally as grand–that will keep her hosting next year ; )

Miss Girly Girl is typically decked out from head to toe in glamour. From the watch on her wrist to the hook she hangs her sequin blazer on, everything about this girl is fabulous. This year she has been extra good–and eyeing quite a few items on her wish list–so treat her to something that will keep her looking and feeling beautiful.

Everyone has a little homebody in them–who doesn’t enjoy snuggling on the couch with some chocolate wine while watching old re-runs of Friends? The answer is EVERYONE enjoys it. I recommend some silky pajamas and perhaps a chinchilla blankie for your favorite homebody to ensure she is more Queen of the Couch than Cat Lady.

We all have that person who has E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. It’s beyond annoying and can often break the bank trying to find something unique and on their wish list. This guide is intended for that exact issue–these gifts are homemade and c-h-e-a-p. I strongly recommend giving any of these and challenge you to make ALL your gifts this year!

Whether he’s your husband, boyfriend, or Dad he needs a gift–and a good one at that. He is your knight in shining armor when you have a flat tire, clogged sink, or bug in the bathtub and that calls for a brag-worthy gift. These are pretty standard male items but pay attention to his favorite hobbies and activities and take it from there. Example: if he is an avid golfer find out which putter he’s been eyeing at the club…he will appreciate it and keep taking care of his girl.

Shop the W+S Gift Guide:


1. Dwell Studio Gold elephant ($39)

2. Luvocracy Creme de la Creme print ($25)

3. Cwonder elephant plate ($38)

4. Moroccan tea glasses ($25)

5. Dwell Studio triangle stripe boxes ($115)

6. Audrey Hepburn mask ($10)

7. Old Faithful toast for cheese ($9.95)

8. Laduree recipe books ($75 each)

9.Villa Ware brass ice bucket ($49)

10. Diptyque candle ($60)

11. Anthropologie serving set ($36)

12. The World in Vogue coffee table book ($50)

13. Fjorn punch bowl & ladle ($50)

14. Hermes painted tray table ($850)

15. Kiva Platter gold/silver coasters ($380-$420 each)

Girly Girl

1. La Fee Verte bra ($38)

2. Karen Walker Anywhere glasses ($280)

3. BloomTheory Stardust camera strap ($130)

4. Dannijo Hixson iPhone case ($98)

5. Sube everjade necklace ($58)

6. Tom Ford santal blush perfume ($205-$495)

7. Sugar Bean Love ring ($66)

8. Alexander Wang Prisma zip wallet ($370)

9. Ted Baker Hoped & Dreams notebook ($34)

10. Essie nailpolish in Bordeaux & Sugar Daddy ($8 each)

11. Valentino Rockstud heel ($800)

12. Kate Moss book ($69)

13. Bobbi Brown grains for face ($42)

14. Raw Pyrite hook ($128)

15. Dorothy Perkins sequin blazer ($95)

16. Michael Kors tortoiseshell watch ($400)


1. Equipment silk pajamas ($438)

2. Aerin gold match striker ($190)

3. Voluspa Vermeil collection candle ($26)

4. Casablanca ultimate collector DVD set ($15)

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs velvet mouse slippers ($198)

6. Z Gallerie chinchilla throw ($149)

7. Handknit trapper ($168)

8. Anthropologie painted owl mug ($14)

9. Luxe wolly pillow ($118)

10. Chocovine chocolate wine ($105)


1. Paint dripped pitcher & glasses (use non-toxic paint on the INSIDE of the glassware)

2. USA jigsaw puzzle with landmark flags (printable)

3. Frame photobooth strips in a large frame

4. Painted tablecloth (paint the design & wash)

5. Plant succulents & place in an apple box from the farmer’s market

6. Cover an antique globe with random buttons using a glue gun (more globe ideas here)

7. Spray coffee beans with silver paint and fill in a vase

8. Print images on glossy sticker paper and cut to fit inside the envelope (do at least 20)

9. Dip a set of wooden serving utensils in acrylic paint

10. Paint half a vase using tape to keep a straight line. Spray with clear sealer

11. Stamp or write on medium-sized twigs for gardening labels

12. Paper mache the inside of mason jars using tissue paper and clear glue or paint

13. Paint half a mug with chalkboard paint (do at least 4 & include the chalk)

14. Paint a tray with chalkboard paint & make a cheese platter

Main Squeeze

1. Luxury shaving stand ($120)

2. Fusion chrome shaving brush ($75)

3. Ray-Ban Spirit glasses ($200)

4. TopMan beenie ($24)

5. TopMan Indigo check shirt ($60)

6. The Art of Shaving sandalwood oil ($25)

7. Burton Honcho snowboard ($399)

8. Oakley polarized goggles ($176)

9. Beats by Dr. Dre ($299)

10. Aldo Gochie boots ($150)