Orange Crush - Sivan

Orange Crush

On this particularly cold LA morning I was tempted to cozy up in cashmere or fleece but instead went for an unconventional ensemble. This bright orange skirt, by Ani Lee, has been begging for an outing and I finally gave in. Despite my frost bitten legs (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating) I was happily sauntering around this rooftop in 6-inch booties taking in the slight view my building allows.

While this skirt may have been designed to be a more formal piece of apparel, I found its versatility broad enough to tone down and make casual-chic with a t-shirt and denim jacket. FYI: I got this skirt at an ongoing sample sale Ani Lee is currently holding at the downtown showroom each Friday. Popular pieces are also posted on the site to be shopped online. Happy Monday!



I’m wearing: Ani Lee skirt | XXI t-shirt | BlankNYC denim jacket | Steve Madden booties | Karen Walker sunglasses | XXI bling necklace