Tuxedos for no reason - Sivan

Tuxedos for no reason

This weekend may have consisted of no particular reason to dress up in a tuxedo, but just like JT infamously said, “This is trouble season. Time for tuxedos for no reason.” It is, in fact, trouble season for me; lots going on, lots to fight for, and lots to dress up for. I ended my week (yes, Sunday was the end of my week) by spending the afternoon shooting with the lovely crew at elle a. As I gear up for a weekend of fun in Vegas for one of my good friend’s bachelorette party, I can’t help but think that I am SO ready to let loose and possibly find more reasons to dress up in a tuxedo. It was quite empowering wearing an all-white, one-piece suit on the bridge of the 101 freeway. While the honking and slowing traffic wasn’t necessary, I can definitely see why men look forward to wearing a tux.

I’m wearing: entire look from elle a boutique