Bling Ring! - Sivan

Bling Ring!

I have never been so excited about something yet had so little to say about it. On Sunday Paul asked me to marry him! I am still pretty speechless and shocked. Considering we are going to Paris in 5 months I thought maybe, just maybe, it would happen then. But this?! Did not see it coming.

This whole thing started as a surprise trip up to Los Olivos (wine country in Southern California), which is pretty much the most ideal vacation for us. Being serious winos and foodies, there is nothing we love more than vineyard hopping and eating well. Upon arriving, Paul had planned a Bachelorette-style picnic for us, complete with the roses and “challenges.” Yes, I know we are extremely sappy, but having something to look forward to each Monday is very much worth it. At the end of our “date,” I was presented with a rose that he decided not to give me; instead, I received my stunning bling ring.

I have never loved a material item more in my entire life. I am so distracted by this rock on my finger I find myself staring at my hand every 10 seconds. And not to be forgotten is the elation I feel about marrying my best friend. Paul truly is someone I could NEVER get tired of and am so happy to be able to vocalize my crazy future plans for us! So get ready fellow readers, a SIVANAYLA wedding is underway!