Mama Mia! - Sivan

Mama Mia!

Well….the cat’s out of the bag! I’m getting married in GREECE! During our engagement party over the weekend, my future father-in-law leaked our big secret (during his speech) but we could not be more excited to be able to speak about our plans. I have been lusting over Greece since the very first day I joined Pinterest and was confronted with millions of gorgeous images of those quintessential white walls, crystal blue ocean, incredible culture, and exquisite food. After 2 grueling months of planning our engagement party, I came to realize planning a wedding just wasn’t something I actually wanted to do and that is when Greece entered the picture (thanks, Mommy!). Now we will spend the next 2 years preparing for an epic vacation with our best friends and family, and we will just happen to be tying the knot while out there. Hey, we wanted to honeymoon out there anyway so why not, right?! If anyone has been married in Greece I would love to hear your suggestions and any tips you might have for this tired-of-planning bride-to-be. Now that it’s out….ahhhh!!!! I’M GETTING MARRIED IN GREECE!!!!

Sorry, I just had to let out a little scream of excitement. If you need a reference for just how amazing it is to not only be in Greece, but to also get married out there, watch Mama Mia and it will all make sense!